May 2021 Newsletter

Farmers to Family Combo Boxes

Cultivate Receives 7,000 Boxes!

In March and April, we were able to receive and deliver nearly 7,000 Farm to Family boxes to people in our community. Working with partners like Milford Food Bank, Society of St. Andrews, Ancilla College, the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, the Local Housing Authority and many more, we were able to get fresh produce, dairy and protein products into the hands of many local individuals.

2021 Golf Outing


Our Annual Golf Outing Fundraiser is May 26th! We are already sold out with 52 total teams but if you or your company are interested in being a hole sponsor, we still have room for a few more. For just $250 you can support Cultivate’s mission and your logo will be displayed on two signs throughout the course. Email  or call (574) 952-8148 if you are interested or for more information.

A huge thanks to Smoker Craft Boats who made the Golf Outing possible with their generous donation as a title sponsor. Check out the many sponsors of our Golf Outing on our website

A word from our supporters

Why Donate to Cultivate?

We think you should support Cultivate’s mission…Obviously! But don’t just take our word for it. Hear it from some of Cultivate’s dedicated financial supporters!

I first learned of Cultivate several years ago from a friend at church. I was asked to a Cultivate dinner and I was amazed at the operation and the dedication of the staff.  The staff uses their gifts and talents to make our community better. The efficiency of their team would make any manufacturer smile. The idea of feeding families and children with food which would normally go to waste is something special.  We have issues with unity in our nation, but there is nothing more unifying than the effort put forth by Cultivate. Cultivate simply helps people. I am so thankful for the opportunity to support Cultivate both corporately and personally.”   

~Doug Smoker (Smoker Craft)

Joel and Kendra sponsor 10 backpacks throughout the year. They have been donating to Cultivate since December of 2018. “We humbly support the mission of Cultivate. The impact that they make on fighting hunger in our community is awesome and amazing. They are changing lives!”

~Joel and Kendra Laidig

Volunteer of the Month

Debbie Wypasek

Our volunteer of the month is Debbie Wypasek! Debbie has been volunteering with Cultivate since September of 2018, way back when we were at our old location on Niles Avenue. Debbie transitioned with us to our current location on Prairie Avenue and as our space and volunteer groups began to grow, she has faithfully served as a lead volunteer for countless groups!

We were sad to watch Debbie lead her last group of volunteers at the end of April, as she will be moving out of state, but we are so thankful for the many hours she dedicated to Cultivate. In her free-time, Debbie enjoys gardening and working on home improvements.

Thanks, Debbie, for partnering with us and best of luck in your new city!

How Can You Fight Food Waste at Home?

Shop Smart

To avoid buying more food than you need, make frequent trips to the grocery store every few days rather than doing a bulk shopping trip once a week.

Make a point to use up all the food you purchased during the last trip to the market before buying more groceries.

Store Food Correctly

For instance, potatoes, tomatoes, garlic, cucumbers and onions should never be refrigerated. These items should be kept at room temperature.

Keep the refrigerator clutter free. When you can clearly see all that you have to use up and it is placed where you can see it you are more likely to utilize it before it goes bad. Use the first in-first out method. When you buy a new container of a product, put it behind the current one.

Eat the Skin

Skin on some vegetables and fruits are good for you like apples, cucumbers, potatoes, carrots, mangos, and kiwis. They have antioxidants, vitamins and other beneficial properties. This also reduces food waste.

Make Smoothies

Use up fruits and vegetables that may not look perfect by blending them up into a smoothie. You can even blend up leaves and stems that you would have thrown away. The tops of strawberries, carrots, and beets, as well as vegetable peels, over ripe bananas, and broccoli stalks make great nutritious additions to the blend.

Understand the Dates on the Labels

“Sell by” is used to inform retailers when the product should be sold or removed from the shelves. “Best by” is a suggested date that consumers should use their products by.

Neither of these terms means that the product is unsafe to eat after the given date. While many of these labels are ambiguous, “use by” is the best one to follow. This term means that the food may not be at its best quality past the listed date.

We Want to Hear From You!

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