Food Rescue

What is food rescue?

Food rescue, also called food recovery, is the practice of gathering edible food that would otherwise go to waste from places such as restaurants, grocery stores, produce markets, or dining facilities and repurposing that food.

With the help of our volunteers we take that food and turn it into frozen meals. Those meals are then used in our backpack program which provides 6 meals over the weekend to a child in need!

Founded in 2017, Cultivate is one of the fastest growing food rescue organizations in the United States.

The process looks a little something like this:


We cultivate a partnership with local companies like restaurants, grocery stores, or dining facilities.


We visit these places on a weekly basis to collect any unserved food that would otherwise be thrown away.


With the help of volunteers, we process the rescued food into frozen meals.


The frozen meals are used in our backpack program for children who may go hungry on the weekends.

If you’re still unsure about what exactly Food Rescue is, then check out this simple video below!