Recent school and business closures put even more pressure on families struggling with food-insecurity. Children are no longer being fed at school during the day, and their parents may be hourly workers whose industries are suffering. 

These children need you now more than ever. 

Cultivate is continuing to deliver meals during this crisis to our school partners in Elkhart, Marshall, and St. Joseph Counties

South Bend Community School – At least 750 frozen meals will be taken to Madison STEAM Academy on Fridays.  The meals will then be disbursed to students in various quantities at Madison STEAM Academy, Muessel Elementary & Monroe Elementary.  Smaller quantities will go to each student so more students can be served. Backpacks are not required because students will be taking them home from school immediately after receiving them.  

Success Academy – At least 300 meals will be delivered to Success Academy in South Bend on a weekly basis.  Cultivate delivers these meals to the school and parents can pick up these meals at a designated time by the school.   

Wa-Nee Community Schools – At least 450 meals will be delivered weekly to Wa-Nee students.  Wa-Nee plans to deliver six meals by bus. Students in the following schools are receiving the meals:  at Nappanee Elementary, Wakarusa Elementary and Woodview Elementary, Northwood Middle School, Northwood High School, and The Achievement Academy.  Several weeks of meals are delivered by Cultivate to the Family Christian Development Center in Nappanee who serves as our distribution partner in that community.  

Plymouth Community Schools – At least 600 meals will be delivered weekly to Plymouth Community Schools.  Several weeks of meals are delivered to The Center at Donaldson, home of Ancilla College, who is our food distribution partner in Marshall County.  Plymouth Community Schools distribute the 600 meals to the students at their four elementary schools: Jefferson, Webster, Washington Discovery and Menominee. 

Elkhart Community Schools – At least 900 meals will be delivered weekly to Elkhart Community Schools.  Several weeks of meals are delivered to Church Community Services (CCS) who is our food distribution partner in Elkhart.  CCS will deliver our meals on a weekly basis to Elkhart Community Schools who will distribute them during their meal services at Beardsley Elementary, Bristol Elementary, Roosevelt Steam Academy and Woodland Elementary.  

We will keep our commitment to deliver at least 3,600 meals per week no matter how long this crisis lasts. But we need food and financial support to meet this increased demand.

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