Training Inspired by Our Faith

In the fall of 2016, motivated and founded by faith, Cultivate launched programs focused on serving the underserved in northeast Indiana. Looking at James 1:27, “God considers it pure and genuine love to help someone in need.” With this in mind, we gave ourselves the challenge to feed 5,000 meals per week (Mathew 14:13-21).

Since that time, we’ve been focused on training those in need of culinary jobs—providing more than just skills, but also an education based on faith, strong principles, and a vision towards job placement in the culinary industry. Our goal is to “pay it forward” by producing workers that continue expanding our mission.

Most of our trainees represent at-risk individuals in our community, primarily those struggling with food insecurity, learning disabilities, poverty, and homelessness, furthering Cultivate’s mission to end the cycle of joblessness, hunger, and poverty in our community through transformational and sustainable change.

Are you passionate about equipping at-risk individuals with life-altering skills? Make a donation, volunteer, or get in touch to learn more about our programs today!