Become a Food Donor

Food Donors

What Are The Benefits?

Cultivate is always looking for food donors and donations. Becoming a food donor is simple and only benefits you and your organization!

Donating your leftover food to Cultivate promotes several things about your organization.

  • It promotes that you care about sustainability
  • It promotes that you care about hunger
  • It promotes that you care about the environment
  • It promotes that you care about your community

…And if that isn’t enough, being a food donor to Cultivate also has tax incentives for your organization! Learn more about Federal Tax Incentives here: Federal Tax Incentives.

If you would like more information about being a food donor please refer to our Food Donor Q&A.

Cultivate Food Donor Q&A

To learn about the requirements for making a food donation please refer to our Donor Request Sheet.

Donor Request Sheet

For any additional questions or concerns please call Randy Z. at 877-725-2016 Ext. 103.

Liability and Food Safety

What about liability?

Food donations are protected by federal law. The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act was passed in 1996 and protects everyone in the food donation cycle, except in cases of gross negligence.

Learn more about the Act below:

What about food safety?

At Cultivate, food safety is our number one concern:

  • All of our food partners are required to have a licensed, health inspected kitchen.
  • Our kitchen is licensed, and health inspected.
  • Food is temp-checked regularly to ensure safety.
  • All of our staff are serve-safe certified and trained on proper food handling.
  • All of our volunteers are trained on food safety and proper food handling.