Cultivate is currently providing meals to 400 students in 3 different counties at 14 schools. These schools are listed below.

St. Joseph County: Madison STEAM Academy and Success Academy
Marshall County: Washington Discovery Academy
Elkhart County: Mary Daly Elementary, Hawthorne Elementary, Pinewood Elementary, Roosevelt STEAM Academy, Woodland Elementary, Nappanee Elementary, Woodview Elementary, Wakarusa Elementary, Northwood Elementary/High School, and The Achievement Academy

1 in 4 children are food-insecure; $35/month provides 6 meals each weekend during the school year to a hungry child in need.

Our Goal

It’s our mission to eliminate child hunger, and fill the 68-hour, weekend gap that a child may go without food—but we can’t do it alone. We need 400 people who are willing to make a $35 monthly commitment that will change hundreds of childrens lives.

We’re Getting Closer

Funding Raised



68-hours is how long a child may go without food over a weekend. Cultivate is standing up to hunger.

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1 in 4

1 in 4 children in the United States are food-insecure. $35 dollars makes a REAL difference.

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$35 / Month

$35 a month is all it takes to provide meals for hungry children in need. Do your part today.

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