Our Partners

Without our partners, we couldn’t provide nutritious meals to our community. Each of the below partners makes huge contributions to Cultivate in their own way.

Notre Dame

ND athletics support our programs by donating prepared but unserved food from football, basketball, and hockey games for us to use in our meals.

Nelson’s Catering

Nelson’s caters thousands of private events every year. The food that is prepared but not served is donated to us to process into our single, three compartment meals.

The Century Center

The Century Center donates food to us when they cater events and don’t use all of the food. This high-quality food is not wasted—rather, it is sent to us to be used for meals that are donated to our local community.

Fresh Thyme

Rather than waste perfectly good food as inventory is turned over, Fresh Thyme donates it to us to be used in our meals. This partnership provides high-quality, healthy, nutrient-dense, ingredients we use to feed hungry people in our community.

Rise’n Roll

Most of us know Rise’n Roll as a bakery with outstanding donuts. What you may not know is they also serve top-quality deli sandwiches and other lunch fare. What they cannot sell in a day is donated to us as another resource for meals provided to our community.


Our partnership with Goodwill is critical to our culinary training programs. By working together, we are able to reach more people seeking to earn culinary skills that equip them to work in a booming industry in St. Joseph County.