Food Donations

Cultivate is always looking for food donors and donations. Becoming a food donor is simple and only benefits you and your organization!

Donating your leftover food to Cultivate promotes several things about your organization.

  • It promotes that you care about sustainability
  • It promotes that you care about hunger
  • It promotes that you care about the environment
  • It promotes that you care about your community

…And if that isn’t enough, being a food donor to Cultivate also has tax incentives for your organization! Learn more about Federal Tax Incentives here: Federal Tax Incentives.

If you would like more information about being a food donor please refer to our Food Donor Q&A.

Cultivate Food Donor Q&A

To learn about the requirements for making a food donation please refer to our Donor Request Sheet.

Donor Request Sheet

For any additional questions or concerns please call Bob Herbert at 877-725-2016 Ext. 114.